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This is my Baby Shaggy! I love him lots.


My baby Shaggy was Born on March 10, 2004, He is a Chiuaua YorkShire, so if u think this doggy is adorable, try breeding these two.
Shaggy is super duper smart, he pees in his own little pamper pad and he is sooo lovable.
Very energetic Day and Night, and playful.
When he was little he was very mischeveious.




This is shaggy's Mommy, Chiquita. She is a chiuaua, but this is not my pet its a "friends" doggy, who mated with the neighbors dog which was a Yorky. A year later they mated again and had more puppys but shaggy is unique, 2 out of 6 came out like him, He was one of 'hem.